The Jay and Mona Kang Art Show Moved to Virtual Platform for 2023 

As you may have seen and heard in the news recently, the 2023 Jay and Mona Kang Art Show, which was to take place both in-person and online, is being offered exclusively through our virtual platform located at  

You may ask, “Why was this change made?” Last week, the Barber National Institute was faced with a credible threat from a member of the community. For the safety and security of our employees, children, adults and families we serve along with a wide range of stakeholders from the community, we chose to offer the experience online.  

While it may be disappointing to not be able to see so much beautiful artwork in person, we are committed to keeping everyone as safe as possible. We are working with local agencies to ensure that the highest levels of security are followed.  

The Art Show continues to be a great way to support the work of local artists, and it also serves to support the mission of the Barber National Institute. Our patrons are supporting the show as well as our mission to provide the highest quality of services to children and adults with disabilities. We are hopeful that next year’s event will have an in-person component.  

You still have time to browse this year’s online gallery. Don’t delay or your favorite piece of art may be sold! 

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