A Hybrid Experience: Jay & Mona Kang Art Show Has In-Person, Online Options for 2023

The annual Art Show has been a Barber National Institute tradition since 2006. Initially, we wanted to have an event that would celebrate “April is Autism month”. As we discussed ideas, we felt that it was important to recognize both children and adults with autism and other disabilities as well professional and amateur artists who support people with disabilities. And so began the first Art Show.

We were assisted by the Erie Art Museum who loaned us their panels for the exhibit. There was an overwhelming response the first year. People wanted to participate, and the public responded with their interest in attending the show.

The show grew over the years until 2019 when we were forced by the pandemic to move to a virtual platform.  Yet the show continued to grow as persons across the country could participate since it was virtual.

This year, we have nearly 300 paintings, photography, and scriptures from youth, adult, adult amateur and adult professional artists.

The in-person galleries will be available for viewing at the main campus of the Barber National Institute from April 15-April 17, 2023. This will be the first in-person art show since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online galleries will also be available from April 14-April 27, 2023 for those who want to conveniently browse a wide range of artwork from anywhere.

The Jay & Mona Kang Art Show is one of the region’s largest and most diverse art exhibits, featuring creative works of youth and adult artists across a variety of media.

For more information, please visit http://www.barberinstitute.org/events/art-show.

The Art Show is a great way to support the work of local artists, and it also serves to support the mission of the Barber National Institute. Our patrons are supporting the show as well as our mission to provide the highest quality of services to children and adults with disabilities.

Don’t delay or your favorite piece of art may be sold.

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