About the Barber National Institute

2003Providing hope and opportunity to children and adults with disabilities and their families is the mission of the Barber National Institute.   Our legacy began in 1952 when our founder, Dr. Gertrude A. Barber, brought together a small group of dedicated teachers and parents to begin a school for children with developmental disabilities.

Over the past six decades, the Barber National Institute has evolved into a multi-faceted organization serving more than 3,600 individuals and families annually with a wide range of educational, vocational, residential and behavioral health programs.

Our programs include early intervention for infants and toddlers; an approved private school; behavioral health rehabilitation services founded on the principles of applied behavior analysis; a therapeutic summer program for children and teens with high functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome; job training and placement for adults; and a variety of adult day services and residential options, including Lifesharing.

Our main campus is located in Erie, PA, and we also provide services in Warren, Forest and Crawford Counties, and in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh regions. 

In addition, the Barber National Institute is recognized around the country and the world for innovations in services and professional education. For more information, visit BarberInstitute.org


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