A Closer Look at the Barber National Institute’s Mini-Beast  

Each September, the Barber National Institute offers the Beast on the Bay, which is comprised of a rigorous 10-mile course with 30 obstacles – it’s a challenge that tests even the most skilled athletes.  

While many are getting ready for the Beast, which is several months away, the Mini-Beast is in full swing this week. “What exactly is the Mini-Beast?,” you may ask. It’s an opportunity for Elizabeth Lee Black School students to hop, jump, skip, toss, and push their way through unique and fun obstacles at their own pace.

After all, everyone deserves the opportunity to Beat the Beast! 

The Mini-Beast contains a variety of activities that are accessible to a diverse array of activities and provides a high level of engagement to each of our students. Brent Manti, our school’s physical education teacher, is very instrumental in creating a physical education program that is inclusive and supports each student in his or her development.  

Thanks to the Emergency for Non-Publics Schools (EANS) Grant, the Elizabeth Lee Black School was able to obtain Lü Interactive Playground, which transforms traditional school environments into immersive and interactive spaces using a wide range of applications in combination with world-class audiovisual equipment. The Lü Interactive Playground will certainly provide an added level of engagement during this year’s Mini-Beast! You can learn more about the Lü Interactive Playground by visiting https://lu-play.com.  

The Mini-Beast is in full swing this week, which is preparing us for the Beast in September. Learn more about the 10th annual Barber Beast on the Bay taking place on September 9 by visiting the office website, www.barberbeast.org.  

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