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Maureen Barber-Carey dancing with the Beast On The Bay at the 2013 BNI Christmas Ball This past weekend the Barber National Institute (BNI) held its annual Christmas Ball, marking its 49th anniversary.   When Dr. Gertrude Barber started the first ball, she … Continue reading

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How Do You Experience Gratitude?

Gratitude. Enter the word into your internet browser and you’ll find countless links to information on the meaning, experience, and practice of gratitude.  I admit, I’ve written many times on the practice of gratitude. The concept comes naturally this time … Continue reading

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Ask Yourself, “Am I Being Kind?”

It was Saturday.  Mass with Msgr. Kriegel was over and Ryan and I were heading home. Msgr. had spoken about being “kind” and “merciful,” his theme for the week. I was preparing to talk to Ryan about the concept, as … Continue reading

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