How Do You Experience Gratitude?


Enter the word into your internet browser and you’ll find countless links to information on the meaning, experience, and practice of gratitude.  I admit, I’ve written many times on the practice of gratitude. The concept comes naturally this time of year, as Thanksgiving is around the corner. However, as I marinated on the concept of gratitude for this blog, I noticed three things:

  1. There isn’t a right or wrong answer for what you’re grateful for.  It’s simply what your heart tells you.
  2. Gratitude encourages giving and giving encourages more gratitude, and the circle continues.
  3. Reading stories about gratitude reminds me how powerful seeing and hearing these stories are to renewing my spirit and mind.

Number three is what I’m sharing with you today.

Walking through the school, I was drawn to a bulletin board created by our Pre-K students. The artwork is terrific, yet I was most inspired by the students’ heartfelt thankful statements.

Photo Nov 11, 9 00 47 AM“I’m thankful for my mommy.” “I’m thankful for my kitty cat.” “I’m thankful for my family.”

I read a blog entitled “Gratitude Can Fuel School Transformation.”  It’s the story of how one administrator chose to use gratitude to change her school.  Her experience was transformational. I was moved by her and hope you are too!

Recently, I watched four TedTalks to help conjure up gratitude and compassion. They are each uniquely inspiring and worth viewing.

for-my-brotherBrowsing the internet, I stumbled upon the YouTube video “For my Brother on Down Syndrome Day by Ace.” The little girl’s ability to see her brother through grateful eyes is awe-inspiring.

Experiencing gratitude through different stories is a unique way to foster the feelings of gratitude, peace and giving. What stories or photos do you have or recommend to experience gratitude?

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