Our 20-Year Milestone: A Salute to Those Who Have Made The Ladies Only Luncheon A Success!

I can’t believe it!  Our Ladies Only Luncheon is Saturday, and we are celebrating our 20th anniversary! 

It seems like yesterday that Amy Borden, a parent of one of our students came to me and offered to sponsor a luncheon “For Ladies Only”.  She had chaired such an event for her daughter’s former school in Boston, and it was a great success.  Amy and a few of her friends were interested in doing this for us if we agreed.   Of course, I immediately said yes!    And that was the beginning of the luncheon.  We scheduled it for the Saturday before Thanksgiving at the Kahkwa Club. We hoped for 75 guests the first year as we were quite late in beginning our plans at the end of September.  To our surprise, we had 150 guests!  Within 5 years we had a “sold out” event and have ever since. The success of the Ladies Only Luncheon can be attributed to many: 

The women who worked on the planning committees over those years.  When I say worked, they certainly have!  

The chairwomen, who graciously took on this role.

The patrons. Usually, we have about 170 women who agree to support the luncheon with their additional donation.

The corporate sponsors, many of whom come back every year.

The gift basket donors who generously donate a basket valued at $300+.  Traditionally, we have over 35 baskets valued at $300 to $1,000, which can be won with a $1 ticket.  I daresay our gift basket raffle is the best in town! 

The ladies who attend to support the children of the Barber National Institute. 

The Kahkwa Club, which creates a welcoming ambiance  and a sumptuous lunch for our guests. 

The list could go on and on so I will close by saying THANK YOU to everyone who has made these 20 years so successful! It truly has become a tradition and the Kickoff for the Holiday season. 


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