Happy Hearts Childcare Program: Foundations for a Bright Future

Looking for high-quality and flexible childcare is often stressful and very overwhelming for parents. 

Let me introduce The Happy Hearts Childcare Program at the Barber National Institute where preschool children LEARN, GROW, and THRIVE.

Happy Hearts days are fun filled with opportunities for active outdoor play and exploring activities designed to challenge all areas of their development. With the start of summer, the preschoolers in our Happy Hearts Childcare program have been busy enjoying all the opportunities available to them on our two playgrounds and our preschool outdoor classroom.

Although summer has just started, it is not too early to be thinking about the fall and preschool for your little one.

 Our Happy Hearts, a STAR 4 Child Care program:

  • Accepts children 3 through 5 years of age
  • Operates 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. year -round
  • Schedule options include part-time, part-day or full- time schedule based on family need.  
  • Accepts Child Care Works subsidy, Erie’s Future Fund, and private pay
  • Provides free breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks
  • Offers children the opportunity to learn in hands-on, active, and creative ways
  • Equips children with the readiness and social skills needed for kindergarten success
  • Offers gym, library, art, and music classes led by certified teachers

Located close to downtown and the Bayfront expressway, Happy Hearts is an excellent resource for families in the Erie Community.  Barber National Institute employees and the public are welcome to consider the Happy Hearts program for their children.


“As an employee of the Barber National Institute, I knew that I wanted to utilize our on-site daycare for my son when we were ready to transition him to full-time care. I was excited that my son would be close to me if there was ever an emergency or if he just needed that reassurance that I was nearby. Happy Hearts had exceeded our expectations for a daycare. Not only did they prepare him to start Kindergarten, but also gave him the love and support to grow as a child. I watched my son blossom into a kind, smart, and independent child. They staff were always so insightful to what he would need and kept my husband and I informed. I would recommend Happy Hearts to any family that is looking for a safe and nurturing facility to place their child.”

“Happy Hearts is a secret gem of Erie.  As a proud mom of two Happy Heart’s graduates – I can honestly say that it was an excellent choice for our kids’ preschool program.  First of all it was so convenient, right off the Bayfront Expressway.  Secondly, the school celebrates every child.  Our kids loved coming to school every day. The faculty are top notch – caring, engaging, and always providing unique opportunities for our kids to explore the world around them.  Their teachers were always accessible for questions or concerns.  It was an over-the-top great experience for our kids and us, as parents! We hated to see the kids graduate!”

Happy Hearts is designed to make learning fun for your child. Contact us to explore the options right for your child. We have so much more to share!

Happy Hearts inquiries: Stephanie Robertson 814-878-4080 stephanierobertson@barberni.org

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