31-Day Kindness Challenge – Are You In?

January – and the new year – brings about such a wonderful feeling of rejuvenation. As the calendar rolls over, so do our goals and ambitions – it truly feels like anything is possible. It’s also a wonderful time to embark on a personal challenge, whether it be for fitness, photography, or random acts of kindness.

At school this year, we are focusing on the importance of Kindness and Wellness in our lives, so I thought it was fitting that I begin a 31 Days of Kindness Challenge! There are several variations out there, any of which would work well. For this challenge, I am using the one below but I have also included links to others that I considered as well. Who knows, I may try another after I’ve completed this one!

31-day-challenge-2(Note: As you can see, this challenge was designed in August, but you can easily adapt it for any month! Source: http://bit.ly/2iEh65z)


Links to additional challenges:

Click to access rak31.pdf




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