As yesterday was World Poetry Day, I thought I would share a poem about Ryan. I hope you enjoy! I smiled thinking back to memories of days gone by.

~ Maureen

If you knew me…Ryan's Graduation Picture 2013

You would know that the first word I said was when I was 9 months old. It was “light,” and I pointed at the kitchen light

You would know that I was diagnosed with autism at age 2 ½

You would know I loved to push a toy sweeper everywhere. I had 3!

You would know I enjoyed high places and made Mom nervous when I tried to jump off

You would know I would visit Aunt Tootie (Dr. Barber) and she would give me the special crackers she kept just for me

You would know I twirl my fingers as a calming behavior

You would know that I like structure and following a routine

You would know that I spent hundreds of hours in therapy to be who I am today

You would know that I think in concrete terms and get baffled by the abstract

But also …

You would know that I have a job – two, actually!

You would know I enjoy sports of nearly every kind – running, skiing, golf, swimming, racquetball, and even more!

You would know I have “guy’s night out” on Sundays with my best friend, Bryant

You would know I love my family, my friends, and am so thankful to people who have helped me along the way

You would know that I am Ryan, and no matter what autism means or doesn’t mean, I’m “being the best me I can be” – something my Mom asks me to do all the time!


I hope that in reading this, you understand that a child is so much more than his behaviors… have faith, as I do, that your cup is half full and know that Ryan is still evolving into being the “best he can be” each and every day!

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6 Responses to

  1. Anonymous says:

    Loved reading this…..thanks for sharing. Ryan is awesome!

  2. Barbara MacKrell says:

    He is so handsome Maureen! Sounds like you have raised a wonderful young man!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The progress Ryan has made is amazing. It’s a great credit to all the hard work and dedication from his Mom and caregivers.
    Jack Quinn

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