The BNI Shamrock

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! As you walk the halls of our school today, you will see every shade of green that you can imagine. Yes, it is a fun day for both students and staff! However, it’s a day rooted in a tradition that is the basis for our mission. Why is that? Well, it all started with the shamrock…

BNI Shamrock

The shamrock of the Barber National Institute

We all know that the shamrock is the familiar emblem of Irish culture. For the Barber National Institute, it has a significance that extends beyond Irish heritage. Each of the three leaves represents the timeless values of courageous Faith, inspired Hope, and enduring Love. And the stem? It is the community of supportive families and friends, staff and volunteers, which brings to life Faith, Hope, and Love.


The shamrock has been the logo for the Barber National Institute since our founding in 1952 and continues today, our promise to future generations that the BNI will continue our commitment to serving children and adults with disabilities and their families.


St Pats.jpg

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