Monthly Research Updates

researchScientists and researchers are constantly uncovering more information related to autism, offering insights into the origins, possible causes and even at times potential cures. I come across dozens of articles on a weekly basis, some of which seem more important than others. I thought I would share stories that caught my eye on a monthly basis.

 ~ Maureen


Autism-Linked Protein Lays Groundwork for Healthy Brain

A gene, known as MDGA1, is now linked to mental disorders helps lay the foundation for a crucial brain structure during prenatal development. These finding reveal new mechanistic insights into the gene.

Read the full article here.


Scientists Find New Vessel for Detecting Autism

Evidence of autism may be found in the composition and malfunction of the brain’s blood vessels, a team of scientists has found. Their research sheds new light on the causes of autism, which previously had pointed to neurological make-up rather than to the vascular system, and identifies a new target for potential therapeutic intervention.

Read the full article here.


Untapped Region in Brain Cell Offers Goldmine of Drug Targets for New Autism Treatments

Scientists have discovered that an overlooked region in brain cells houses a motherlode of mutated genes previously tied to Autism. The finding could provide fresh drug targets and lead to new therapies for the disorder.

Read the full article here.


Tune in next month for an update on autism research!

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