Being *That* Parent

I recently read the article “How School Systems Create *That* Parent for Children in Special Education.” I’m sure that some would havparents 3e considered me *that* parent at one time. What does *that* parent look like?

Here she is: a parent who establishes goals for her child, goals that she believes are reachable. She is not discouraged by those that say, “your son will never do that.” She is determined to get the very best programs available for her child. “Appropriate” programs are not enough. In her mind, she is not demanding, she is determined. She is not annoying, she is persistent. However, in the eyes of some *that* parent is demanding, annoying, unrealistic, and unreasonable.

At the Barber National Institute, I encourage our faculty to actively engage their students’ parents. Find out what the parent’s hopes and dreams are for his or her child. Establish a plan to assure ongoing communication between home and school. I remind them that often, lack of communication or miscommunication is the root of misunderstandings that lead to labels such as *that* parent.

Undoubtedly, the journey many parents take to get their children the support and services they need can be an arduous one. And yes, parents must be their child’s greatest advocates. At times, they may need to stand up for what they believe their child needs. From my perspective, it’s great to have the parent’s input and active participation on the team. Together we will accomplish so much more for our children. Let’s hope that in all our schools will adopt a welcoming attitude, erasing the need to be *that* parent.



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2 Responses to Being *That* Parent

  1. Cyn says:

    So true!! I am now that parent and will be until I have to be. I agree it’s always a good thing that parents are involved in their child’s education.

  2. Norah says:

    If parents don’t advocate for their children, who will? The negative labels only come in to play when the comfort zones of others are challenged.
    I love the quote and accompanying image you have placed at the conclusion of your post – definitely roots to grow and wings to fly! 🙂

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