National Career Development Month!

Each year, the National Career Development Association hosts National Career Development Month in November. During NCD Month, each state is encouraged to promote career related activities and events through the state divisions. The Ohio career Development Association (OCDA) invites you to celebrate with us this year! career-development

In October, the Barber National Institute celebrated the success of adults who have found community employment and have begun their careers.

Since January 2015, the Supported Employment Program at the Barber National Institute has helped 28 individuals get hired for jobs with employers in the community. The adults have been invited back to talk to others who are still training for jobs in the Transitional Work Service Program. Marycarmen Walker, the operations supervisor for Supported Employment, said:

We will welcome back these adults who all have worked very hard to achieve their dream of employment. It is a great opportunity to share their experiences in the community with all of us, and share any advice to their peers who still seek and wait for the day when they can announce “I got a job!”

The Supported Employment Program assists adults with physical and intellectual disabilities with everything from assessing their skills and interests to developing resumes and preparing for job interviews. Once employment has been found, job coaches assist with training and remain at the worksite until all duties are completed to the satisfaction of the employer.

This year, individuals found employment in the housekeeping, food service, and manufacturing fields.

The Supported Employment program at the Barber National Institute began in 1986. Since then, more than 700 adults with disabilities have been placed in jobs in the community.

Statistics released by the Department of Labor in September show that the unemployment rate for adults with disabilities is 12.3 percent, more than double that for people without disabilities.

At BNI, we celebrate all of our adults for working hard to develop their careers!BNI Logo

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