Valentine’s Day!

There are several popular legends surrounding the story of Saint Valentine. One is that he was a Roman priest who was arrested, imprisoned, and eventually martyred after being caught marrying Christian couples. At the time, helping Christians was considered a crime.Val Day

Another says that Valentine, who was a priest, defied the order of the emperor Claudius and secretly married couples so that the husbands wouldn’t have to go to war.

Still another legend is that Valentine was imprisoned because of his refusal to sacrifice to pagan gods. While in prison, his prayers are said to have healed the jailer’s daughter, who was blind. On the day of his execution he left her a note signed, “Your Valentine.”

Today, whatever its origins, Valentine’s Day is known around the world as an opportunity to celebrate those we care about. At BNI, we celebrate with an annual Valentine’s Day dance for our high school students. The teenagers have a rare chance to get dressed up, and enjoy special punch and snacks. Villa Maria High School Honor Society students are invited to attend, and the students have a blast dancing the afternoon away! IMG_3046

Students also spend the week before selling Candy Grams to be delivered to “Your Valentine” the day before Valentine’s Day. The sender chooses whether he/she wants popcorn or candy and selects a Valentine card, which is assembled by the students and delivered to the recipient. Proceeds from the sale are then used by the students for their trips in the community.

At my house, I know we’ll be looking forward to the chocolate-covered strawberries!

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  1. Yum – I love chocolate covered strawberries. It is nice to see a holiday celebrated in a fun way, instead of all the pressure of presents etc.

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