Halloween’s Sweetest Memories aren’t about Candy

Photo Oct 29, 9 28 59 AM

Ryan’s first Halloween (Superman) 1994

Each year, as the month of October draws to a close, I look forward to the spooktacular fun that fills the school!  Today’s Halloween parade brings back sweet memories of the children who have walked the parade route over the years and all of the staff and parents who join in the fun.

I’m also reminded of my Halloweens with Ryan, especially his first as Superman.

I hope you enjoy a few of the awesomely adorable, spooky, ghoulish and fun photos of my sweet Halloween memories. And I hope that your Halloween is filled to the brim with fun! Happy Halloween!

door 2

Hallways in Hallowed decor 2013.


Shawn (teacher) coloring the halls in fun! (2013)

parade 2

A “Super Scarey” 2013 parade.

Walkie 2

2013 staff dressed as “walkie-talkies”


Halloween 2012


2011 Parade


2012 Parade


2012 Parade

Ryan halloween space man

Ryan (5yrs) dressed as a spaceman.

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2 Responses to Halloween’s Sweetest Memories aren’t about Candy

  1. Kathy Vogt says:

    Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays at the Barber Center and I long to be there every Halloween. It was so great to see the kids dressed up parading around the halls all full of smiles. I miss you all. kathy

    • We miss you as well Kathy. I wish I could persuade you to move back to Erie! I’m sure you can remember Ryan at 1 in his Superman costume. Now he’s into haunted houses. Be sure to call the next time you get to town.

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