What Month Is It?

dvawarenessOctober is full of vibrant colors, isn’t it? The bright yellow sun, brilliant blue sky, and beautiful hues of fall color. Pops of pink even seem to appear in the rich red leaves.

Speaking of pink, reading the Erie Times-News this morning I was encouraged to wear pink on October 9th in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. “Of course” I thought. Then I remembered that on October 9th I was planning to wear orange for National Bullying Prevention Month. What would I do? “I could wear both,” I thought. “Pink and orange do complement each other.” It reminded me that October is full of color but not just in the scenery.

October is a month of advocacy. Organizations and individuals working for truly important causes. I encourage you to look at the October colors of fall in a different way; through the eyes of advocacy. And, instead of choosing one organization, I suggest supporting multiple. There are several ways to do so, such as contacting your legislator for funding, donating time, and encouraging friends and colleagues to give as well. You can also wear a color.

So, this month let the shades of October drape your wardrobe. What seems to be  a simple act of wearing a color may become a visible  statement that we collectively support, advocate for, and recognize the organizations, individuals, families and communities each campaign champions!

It’s October. This month is:

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