31 Days to Unite Against Bullying

bully 2

Artwork by the students of room 122

It’s October. This month alone it’s estimated that 38% of children with ASD will be bullied, according to a study published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

This time of year there’s talk of falling leaves, pumpkins and, of course, Halloween.  It’s also a month when the color orange is displayed, not just in pumpkins patches, but for a greater cause: to stop bullying.

Bullying is rampant within schools across the country and it’s for that reason that October has been designated National Bullying Prevention Month.  Whether an educator, student, or family member you can take an active role during the month by:

There arunity-day-2013-tshirte 31 days this month. That’s 31 opportunities to raise awareness of bullying prevention through outreach and education. Join us on Wednesday, October 9th as our students stand with local middle and high school students, teachers, and members of the community at the Millcreek Mall to sign an Anti-Bullying Pledge.

Mark your calendar and make plans to wear orange on Unity Day, October 9th. I encourage you to join us and scores of people around the country to “Make it Orange and Make it End!”

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2 Responses to 31 Days to Unite Against Bullying

  1. MissesC says:

    Just 31 days. I believe that we need to repeat this every day of our lives.

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