First Day of School: What Do You Remember?

first-day-of-schoolFading tans and falling temperatures mean it’s that time of year again. As hard as it is to say goodbye to summer and get back to school, there are also quite a lot of memories associated with embarking on a new adventure every fall.

One of my earliest memories was from my first day of MaryVale preschool. I was two and a half years old, riding in the car with my mom sitting beside me. Of course by the time I was at Mercyhurst Prep School, getting my hair done and buying a new outfit were the top priorities!

Yesterday faculty, staff and students shared their experiences with me when I asked, “What are your memories of the first day of school?”

  • Pam – “The expression on the kids faces. They are so expectant. Everybody is working together. This is the best thing!”
  • Ann – “Just seeing the kids’ faces and smiles! Hoping they like you and remember you.  It feels good when previous students want to be with you.”
  • Ellsworth – “The first smile from the kids! Sharing happy times and enjoying making eye contact.”
  • Jaime – “How much the kids have missed me and school.”
  • Kathy – “Having a student come to me, smiling as they walk off their school bus.”
  • Connor – “The excitement in getting to know new kids.”
  • Kyle – “Getting a chance to know students who are new to your room and helping them!”
  • Leslie – “There are just too many memories. I can see their faces, how they have grown. It’s like the first time you met them. You marvel at how many skills they have.”

Below, students’ share their feelings about the first day of school:

  • Jimmy – “I think the room looks great. I’d like to spend more time with friends.”
  • Brandi – “School is fun. It makes me happy. I like seeing Bryant again.”
  • Josh – “I was grumpy in the morning and then started to feel happy in the afternoon.”
  • Kayla – “Good…I like it.”
Maureen _ Ryan 1st day

Ryan & I on his first day of kindergarten

As I listened to their experiences, I began to remember Ryan’s first day of kindergarten.

We sat together on the steps waiting for the school bus, feeling well prepared to start a new journey.  But, I confess, as he rode off on the bus my eyes filled with tears as I thought “today my little boy starts a new chapter in his life” and wondered “Will he have friends?” But, I guess that’s what all mothers worry about on the first day of kindergarten.

I hope your first day of school this year was full of joy and that the year brings you fun, friendship and fabulous memories. We are off and running!

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4 Responses to First Day of School: What Do You Remember?

  1. MissesC says:

    Our first day of school will be September 3, 2013…a Tuesday. I just finished all the last minute touches to the curriculum. I still have to pick up a lot of books and videos from the library and here we go again…one more year of home schooling!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Room 125 would like to say thank you for posting our students comments. Brandi would like to ask if you would come visit our room?… Jimmy S. wants to what you plans for your long weekend? Jimmy N. would like to know if you will visit us at lunch again? Athen says hello…Kayla wants to say it was nice seeing you in the laundry room. Dominic says hi and he loves young people’s chorus. Josh says thanks for including us in the blog and his first day at school was not as good as his first week.

    • Thanks for responding to my blog. I’ll come visit on Tuesday, when we get back from the long weekend. Jimmy, I hope to spend the long weekend outdoors if it doesn’t rain. Jimmy N, I will visit you at lunch on Tuesday. Hi Athena! Thanks for visiting with me, Kayla, in the laundry room. Dominic, the YPC will be starting very soon! And Josh, I loved including you in the blog and am glad you had a great first week! Would you like me to do an entire blog on your class and your activities? Please let me know. Have a great weekend!

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