Dear Great Teachers…

SecEdIt’s that time of year.  Our school children are being sent into the hands of someone else to be cared for, fed, bandaged when injured and instructed.  They are handed over entirely.  It is not a parent, a grandparent, a relative or a friend.

It is a teacher.

Today I’d like to tell you about and say ‘thank you’ to one of our school teachers:

Denise Stoutamyer


Denise Stoutamyer

Denise is a Special Education teacher in the Elizabeth Lee Black School. In the eight years that she has been with our school, she has distinguished herself by her unwavering commitment to students ages 3-5 in an Early Intervention Specialized Preschool Class.

Denise is able to recognize, with an uncanny ability, the needs, desires and skills of each of her students. She creates a safe and stimulating environment conducive to being curious and learning. Denise has a positive approach to resolving behavioral challenges, is dynamic, creative, and a consummate professional.  When not in the classroom you’re sure to find her with her students on some adventure, such as a scavenger hunt through the school or a search for dinosaurs.  Denise is achieving great success with our preschoolers. She exhibits great leadership and dedication to all whose lives she has touched.

20130623-202949The ELBS has fabulous faculty!  I can’t wait to tell you about them throughout the year. In the meantime, I thank them and all teachers nationwide who dedicate their lives to gentle souls, develop the minds of our children & make dreams come true!

I hope that you all continue to grow as your students do this year.  In the words of ELBS friend and supporter Jim Dible, “We cannot be what we need to be by remaining where we are.”

May your school year be fun, with moments of peace and overflowing with thanks!

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3 Responses to Dear Great Teachers…

  1. MissesC says:

    Incredible! What a blessing for the families of those children.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We love you Denise! Keep up the great work!!!

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