Now & Then: Ryan’s Favorite Summer Activities

19 summers (and even more activities later), Ryan’s summer activities were always action filled. Whether kayaking, golfing or at the beach Ryan remains true to his adventurous spirit!

front paddeling

Kayaking on the shores of Lake Erie (Summer 2013) He still loves the water…

swing 2

T-time on the golf course….

ryan golf 3

Driving the ball 150 yards! (Summer 2013)

Ryan little boy_ Golf

Ryan always loved golf! (practicing his swing age 2)


Running along the beach is always a favorite (2011)


Time at the beach (1 year old) he always adored.



Ryan LOVING the water at our home


And swimming at the BNI

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2 Responses to Now & Then: Ryan’s Favorite Summer Activities

  1. Kathleen Vogt says:

    This was a walk down memory lane for me. He was so cute and still is. So much to be proud of. Kathy Vogt

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