10 Days and Counting

Ryan on the first day of school

A new school year is at hand. It is hard to believe, but there are only 10 days left of summer vacation before school starts. Backpacks are about to replace beach bag,s and sandals are being swapped out for sneakers. For both parents and children, the start of a new school year can bring excitement and nervousness. I remember feeling both on Ryan’s first day of kindergarten at Grandview Elementary School.

As we stood on the steps waiting for the bus, Ryan all decked out in his “first day of school outfit,” thoughts drifted through my mind: “How will he adjust? Will the teacher understand him? I can’t believe he’s off to school. He’s growing so fast!” I know many parents share similar thoughts.

The new school year may also produce flutters of apprehension for the child as they wonder: “Will my new teacher like me? Will I be able to find my locker or classrooms? Will I have any friends in my class?”

Ryan asked me “How long will I be in school? Will you be home after school?” He seemed very comfortable when he told me, “Mom, Ms. Conti will be my teacher.” And “I’m a big boy now since I’m in kindergarten.”

Switching from the laid-back fun in the sun of summer to rules, homework and routines can be a big jump for parents and children alike. But, with a little preparation and the right attitude, it can be the start of another successful year.

School bells no longer ring for Ryan, however, he continues with new “first days.”  I am proud to say that he began a new job, working Tuesday mornings at Bello’s while and continuing his work at the Crime Lab. He is buffing all their floors, a job that he is both proud of and highly successful.  What more can a parent ask?

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5 Responses to 10 Days and Counting

  1. g says:

    Good stuff! I would get all anxious for my children.

  2. MissesC says:

    We never stop being parents…do we?

    • It’s very true that we never stop being parents. Through the challenges and joys it’s 24/7 and I really enjoy finding the joy of parenting. You?

      • MissesC says:

        Long, long ago my Mom told me that she can’t turn off being a Mom. And I did not get it…well, as I get older, my Mom gets smarter by the minute. She’ll be a genius by the end of my life!

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