If You Could do One Thing to Make a Difference in the Life of a Child, Make it this One


The one thing that makes a difference in the life of a child born into poverty is the opportunity to succeed. How do you provide a child with this opportunity? Through quality early childhood programs.

Too many families lack the financial resources to afford preschool.  These children reach kindergarten knowing 600 fewer words than children the same age from families with higher incomes.  By second grade, the gap widens to approximately 4,000 words.

Did you know that math skills measured at kindergarten are the strongest predictor of later school achievement?  The cognitive skills used in mastering math are the same skills necessary for the child to do well in school.  This is why quality early childhood programs should not be an option but a mandate.  Every child, regardless of the family situation, deserves a chance to be successful.

PNC is doing one thing: Through the Grow Up Great Initiative they are creating opportunities for children to achieve their fullest potential. To date, they have reached 1.75 million children and 108,000 teachers.

I look forward to hearing about PNC Grow Up Great new program developments, federal and state advocacy activities, the Sesame workshop collaboration and how they are enhancing their digital outreach.  The digital outreach is very intriguing to me, especially in this era of the “new digital divide.”

I’ll be traveling on Thursday. However, I look forward to sharing what I learn and my thoughts on the “new digital divide” and its impact on our children and adults with disabilities next week. Stay tuned!

Read Erie Times Article – Marlene Mosco explains why PNC invests in early childhood learning

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