Thankful for the Autism Journey

ImageI feel a sense of gratitude as I reflect on how far we’ve come since the early 90s on this journey called autism.  To all who work to keep autism on the forefront, thank you.  Parents, teachers, physicians, researchers and advocates all played, and continue to play, an integral role in these advancements. 

  • To the families and caregivers of children living with autism, I appreciate your dedication in facing your challenges daily. 
  • To professionals working with our children, I acknowledge your commitment to helping our each of our children be their very best.
  • To our legislators and advocacy organizations, I commend your efforts leading the charge to secure additional funding to allow expansion of services as the number of children and adults with autism dramatically increases.

As I said in Tuesday’s post, the journey continues.  My path has been filled with twists and turns, a few bumps, some hills, and smooth sailing every so often.  I feel thankful for all I’ve learned professionally and through Ryan.  As April draws to a close, it would feel fabulous to keep autism awareness on the forefront all year long as we travel the road to solving the puzzle of autism. 

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2 Responses to Thankful for the Autism Journey

  1. MissesC says:

    Well, I have been working with Special Needs children for the last 14 years. It never ceases to amaze me the joy and love I receive in exchange for the few hours I spend with those kids. They are amazing gifts!

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