Wellsville TV: Inspiring Health and Fun!

ImageSaturday was a fabulous day!  Dr. Tony Snow, Kathy Iorio and the Wellsville TV crew arrived at the Barber National Institute ready to film a segment on children with special needs.  What is Wellsville? It is a multifaceted program created by a team of professionals to combat obesity and empower kids and families to eat healthy, be physically active and make positive healthy lifestyle choices.  This award winning television program, in partnership with GE Transportation, is bringing fun and healthy living to families.

Dr. Tony Snow and Kathy Iorio co-host this weekly TV show every Saturday at 8 a.m. on Fox 66. The organization also has a Wellsville Goes to School program where they visit thousands of elementary school students and inspire them to move more, eat well and feel good.  Workshops and presentations for community groups are available and they even have a DVD working-out series.

In my segment, I discussed the challenges and successes of children with special needs. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to talk about some of the services we provide for children at the Barber National Institute, as well as dispel some of the myths that surround children with special needs.

Stay tuned – I will post the air date as soon as it’s revealed. In the meantime, you can visit Wellsville online at www.wellsville.tv or catch a show Saturday morning. Thank you to Dr. Snow, Kathy and the entire Wellsville team.  Your program is an inspiration to me!

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