A Matter of Heart: Celebrating Nurses This Week and All Year Long 

This week marks National Nurses Week, and I want to highlight our exceptional nurses who provide the most skilled and compassionate care to our students. We have two wonderful nurses, Keri Moore, Kayla Litz, and Etta Loreti. I recently asked each of them about what they find most rewarding about working at the Elizabeth Lee Black School and what motivated them to enter into the nursing profession.  


Every day is different and has its own unique set of challenges.  I enjoy watching the students grow and learn new skills throughout the year. This is my second year at ELBS! 

I would recommend anyone considering nursing try to gain some experience as an aide in a local hospital or nursing home to see if nursing is really right for them.  Nursing is a very rewarding career, but it takes a special individual to become a great nurse!  


My favorite part of working at ELBS is the interaction with the students. The diversity in them and getting to know each student on deeper levels to not only fulfill their needs but to also show them how important and valued they are. September marks one year working at BNI. 

It is an incredibly rewarding career if you find a location that drives you, makes you happy and allows you to find your purpose. 


I have been a nurse for 26 years, at BNI for 8 years and ELBS for 2 years.  The kids at ELBS are fun to work with since I see the world through their eyes, and you never know what they are going to say!  The hallways are always filled with the kids’ artwork, and it is so cheerful. 

We are so grateful to our nurses for all they do to make our students as comfortable, safe, and healthy as possible! 

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