Offering Baskets of Hope This Holiday Season

While the holiday season is a time of joy and celebration for many, some families struggle with food insecurity and the stress that comes along with it. The staff of the Elizabeth Lee Black School established a food pantry several year ago as a way of supporting families of students who could benefit most from having access to nutritious and non-perishable food items.

Through the graciousness of Barber National Institute staff who donate toward the food pantry each year, the Elizabeth Lee Black School is able to create several hand-crafted baskets containing a wide assortment of food items, including cereal and bread, soup, pasta and sauce, peanut butter and jelly, canned vegetables and fruits, juice, and snack bars.  

There is no shortage of generosity being expressed by staff who want to support students at the Elizabeth Lee Black School and their families. An outpouring of kindness from our remarkable staff is something that is noticeable throughout the year, but it is especially apparent during the holiday season.

Our staff really embody the values of the Barber National Institute, and I am so proud of everything our staff members are able to accomplish by using these values to navigate their efforts both in and outside the organization!

In addition to supporting students and their families by offering food baskets during the holidays, the Barber National institute, through the Employee Service Fund, provides financial support to 501(C)3 nonprofit organizations nominated by staff each year. Some of the charities receiving donations include the United Way of Erie County, ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum, Hope on Horseback Therapeutic Riding Center, Special Olympics of Pennsylvania, and Sisters of St. Joseph of Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Merry Christmas!

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