Grateful in So Many Ways: Ryan’s List

As it is National Gratitude month, I decided to ask Ryan what he is grateful for.  They are in no special order, just what he shared with me.

I am grateful for:

Reading to Happy Hearts kids

Diving and touching at 20 feet in the pool

I am 6’2’’on my toes and I can jump to 7’, 8’ and 10’

I will work at the Barber Center forever on earth and then at the Barber Center in Heaven

Mom and I are never going to retire

Going to Norte Dame games

I get 3 gifts at Christmas time

Hanging out with the preferred guys on weekends

YMCA, Planet Fitness, Water World, skiing and golfing at Kahkwa, and refreshments

I get to do the Beast on the Bay, Ladies Only Luncheon, and the Ball so I can help the kids

Saying Hi to the kids on the playground

I have a job at Bello’s and the Barber Center, and I will never go anywhere else

The Best Mom Ever (I capitalized)

I am sure that you as I smiled at many of his comments.

Ryan is a JOY!

Happy Friday!

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    I love this!

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