Dreams for This School Year

I asked coordinators from the Elizabeth Lee Black School to provide their dreams for this school year, and I received some very uplifting and timely responses. Plus, I added a few of my own dreams.

“I dream of being able to bring parents back into the school to experience the excellent early childcare education programs we offer, to offer parents the option to volunteer in the preschool room or to come in to share their talents and family culture with the children and staff, to offer group information meeting and events in person.”

“I dream of sending our students back out into the community, opening community-based instruction and transition back to local vocational opportunities, and volunteering and attending social and wellness events in Erie County. This all comes as we open vocational training within the Elizabeth Lee Black School and the Barber National Institute.”

“I want the positive culture to continue to grow.  I want the staff to always feel supported and love what they do!” 

“I want the staff to be well trained, positive, and successful so that they can find meaning in their work as they help all our students to grow into the best version of themselves.”

In my dream, every teacher understands, appreciates, and does his or her best with every student regardless of their behavioral or academic challenges. If a child cannot learn the way we teach, then we change our practice to conform with the needs of the child.

In my dream, each day we celebrate learning. It is joyful learning that will allow us to grow to be as independent and successful as possible.

In my dream, all family members will feel and believe themselves to be equal partners on the Team that allow and facilitate successful school and home partnerships.

What are your dreams for this next school year?

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