Beat the Beast at This Year’s Adapted Course!

Calling all walkers and runners to the Beast on the Bay Adapted Course at Waldameer this Saturday, September 10th!

If you are 12 years of age or older and have Autism, Intellectual Disability or a Physical Disability, the course is designed just for you!

The adapted course offers 17 different obstacles, including Drawbridge, Sling Shot, Beastly Bell Ringer, Water Cannon, Feed the Beast, and many more over a 1-mile accessible course. The obstacles challenge participants to use all different parts of their body to either lift, pull, push, or navigate through in order to complete each one.

The adapted course is full of fun and excitement not only for the participants, but also the volunteers. We have many volunteers spread out throughout the course to help with each obstacle and help participants navigate through the course.

You will cross the finish line with all of the 10 milers and receive a Beastly medallion. You can bring a friend /companion to Beast with you at no charge. 

Whether you walk, use a wheelchair, or want to run, I can guarantee that you will have fun!

Registration is available the morning of the race at Waldameer.

For more information,

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