We Welcome A New Cohort of Students Teachers

It has been over 700 days since we closed in March of 2020. We have had a variety of schedules during this time, including on site, hybrid, remote/virtual, and every possible combination.

It has been a difficult time for students, families, and staff.  We have offered in-person education since September 2021 with various times that a classroom needed to go remote based on COVID or COVID exposures.  We have kept our classroom cohorts intact but have gradually moved to having students go to the gym, fitness room, or pool with their cohort.  We continue to mask as we know that so many of our students are medically compromised.   It is truly wonderful to see that Erie County is at a low level of transmission!

We have provided the opportunity for student teachers to return to two of our classrooms and plan on opening on a larger basis as we move ahead.  We can’t wait to open for our loyal volunteers!

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