ELBS went virtual to celebrate Digital Learning Day!

It may be difficult to believe, but Digital Learning Day (DLD) is today, February 22th! It seems like yesterday that we were in the gym welcoming our exhibitors, staff, and friends from the community to this event. And then came COVID-19! We are continuing restrictions on visitors this year.

This year at the Elizabeth Lee Black School, we are using DLD as a way to celebrate the success of our educators, therapists and paraprofessionals who created and implemented research-based instructional practices that use technology both an in-school and virtual learning environment.

I think back to when we purchased our first Apple 11E…could that have been over 30 years ago?  Fortunately we had a handful of staff, led by Chris Curcio, who wanted to learn everything and anything about Apple.  Who would have guessed that today we would not only have mastered computers, but be using iPads, smartboards, TAPits, Smart TVs, Apple TVs, and webcams, just to name a few!

We have come so far in the past three years! And I am pleased to say that we have been very successful. We’ve developed a brief presentation to highlight some of our accomplishments that you can view here: https://prezi.com/view/CPC2KTJCkgbxphsHjjFn/


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