Celebrate School Choice

Great students and great schools deserve a celebration. From Hawaii to Erie to New York City, America will light up in yellow and red to raise awareness about K-12 education opportunities during National School Choice Week, January 23-29.

Starting today, National School Choice Week is the largest ever celebration of opportunity in K-12 education… Millions are participating in over 50,000 events and activities from coast to coast.

This week is inclusive, positive and welcoming with the theme of raising awareness of all educational options: public, charter, private, magnet, online and homeschooling. The goal is that families can find schools and learning environments that best meet the needs of their children and parents can be part of the decision-making process.

One of the favorite activities of our students is responding to the question, “Why do I like my school?” Check out their responses over the next few days. The responses are as different and unique as our children. Some write their responses, others use pictures. It’s a joy to read each child’s comments.

School choice week acknowledges the importance of choosing a school based upon a student’s learning preference whether it be Montessori, traditional, or virtual learning. My and our school’s motto is that if a student is not learning, it is our responsibility as teachers and administrators to determine how the student does learn. Many children come to us after failing in their previous education environments, and it is up to us to determine how to teach him/her for success.

Be sure to watch for pictures of National School Choice Week at the Elizabeth Lee Black School! Our school is one of a kind…The BEST!

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