Countdown to Another Ladies Only Luncheon

We are in the countdown to the Ladies Only Luncheon.

It is impossible to believe that 19 years we began.

As I think back, a parent of one of our students came to me and asked if she and a group of her friends could hold a Ladies Only Luncheon at the Kahkwa Club for the Barber Center.  She explained that she had lived in Boston and had done a similar event for her daughter’s school.  Of course, I immediately said “yes”, and the planning began. That was in September 2002. 

I recall that the night prior to the event, Jeanne Baker and I sat at my house into the late hours working on the seating charts. Ryan was 9 years old at the time, so I was juggling his bedtime with tables.

We hoped to have about 50 women attend…and we had 150!  The event grew each year until we sold out 5 years later…and have been sold out ever since!  This year, we have limited our crowd to 300 to allow for social distancing.  And we sold out in the first two days.

As we get ready to gather this Saturday, we celebrate as we honor the past and look forward to a bright future.  Because of the generosity of the Erie community, we have been able to make dreams come true for our children and their families.  As Dr. Gertrude Barber said,” All things are possible if we set a goal, persevere, and put wings on our dreams.” 

That is what we do at the Barber National Institute day in and day out.

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