Are You Ready to Beat the Beast?

There’s still time to register for both the Beast on the Bay and Adaptive Beast on the Bay being held next Saturday, September 11!

Why is this obstacle course different from other obstacle courses? Anyone can have an obstacle course, but what is important is that we have a course specially designed for people with disabilities. Plus, the Barber Beast on the Bay is a fundraising event to help support the Barber National Institute’s work with children and adults with disabilities.

Why have an adaptive course? We believe all persons should be included, and therefore designed a specialized adapted course for children and adults with physical or intellectual disabilities. At the Barber National Institute, we strive to “make dreams come true” at all our events where we welcome children and adults with disabilities and their typical peers.

The Beast on the Bay is a 10-mile extreme obstacle course on the shores of Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA. Participants will scale walls, trudge through mud and race through wooded trails.

The one-mile course, held at Waldameer, a theme park next to Presque Isle features 14 obstacles that involve pulling, pushing, carrying, and navigating ramps.  All obstacles are optional and can be completed by participants who are ambulatory or using a wheelchair, walker, etc. The fully accessible adapted obstacle course coincides with the 10-mile challenge as the two courses meet up at the final obstacle and participants cross the finish line together.

Join us and BEAT THE BEAST!


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