Make Your Mark!

In my previous blog, Not-So-Lazy Days of Summer at BNI, I wrote about the many summer programs that the Barber National Institute offers, including Extended School Year (ESY). ESY is provided to assure that children ages 5-21 do not lose the skills that they have acquired during the school year.

The theme for this summer is “Make Your Mark,” which is based on The Dot, a children’s picture book by Peter H. Reynolds. The story highlights the importance of encouraging a growth mindset. It is about a student who says she cannot draw but is prompted by her teacher to make a mark and see where it takes her. When she finds her dot framed and on display, she is inspired to create even better dots.

At the Elizabeth Lee Black School, our faculty strive to teach our students every day that anything and everything is possible, especially with a positive attitude. To tie in the themes of The Dot, each classroom prepared weekly “dot” activities. Here are a few of their creations:

It has been a fun summer of self-expression as everyone’s inner artist has come out to play. Sadly, ESY will conclude next week, however we are encouraging all students and staff to wear polka dots on the last day for Rock the Dots Day! Be sure to check back for more photos!

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