Mother’s Day

As I was planning my blog for Mother’s Day, I thought, “Why don’t I ask for Ryan’s input?” Last night, while he was having dessert, I asked the question, “Tell me about your mom.” The following are his (unedited) responses:

At Adrian and Kristi Pinto’s wedding, August 2019

She is the best Mom ever.

I love her as a Mom.

She is pretty.

She takes care of me.

She takes me out to eat.

She does my taxes every year.

She keeps me calm.

She will buy me swimming rings for Memorial Day.

She lets me read to the kids in Happy Hearts and talk to everybody.

She buys me four pieces of bacon for Wednesdays and sugar popsicles.

She takes me on trips.

She takes me to Church.

She buys me ski, golf, Waterworld passes.

She helps me practice reading for the kids.

She has been teaching me how to “chef.”

I like having her as a friend.

She takes me for flu and virus shots so I don’t get sick.

She let me come to her bedroom door if I am scared during the night.

She takes me to work out every Saturday and Sunday.

I am happy to have her as my Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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2 Responses to Mother’s Day

  1. Sallie Newsham says:

    Oh my….so special… surely must have warmed your heart.

  2. Elaine Berndt says:

    How sweet!
    I just came upon this blog when I was researching camps for my granddaughter who is on the autism spectrum.
    My son Ryan played with your son a few different times in grade school, went kayaking together. Ryan looks great!

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