Introducing the Student of the Week!

In my previous blog, The Power of Kind Words, I wrote about Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and how the Elizabeth Lee Black School teachers design lessons based on the core principles of PBIS. These principles emphasize the importance of being kind, safe, and independent. Each week, we focus on a specific skill.

Since PBIS began in 2017, the PBIS Core Team has offered innovative and exciting ways to promote a positive culture within our school. During this week’s inservice, they introduced a new initiative: The Student of the Week!

Each classroom will nominate a student who displays skills from the Student Matrix. Four students will be chosen, one for each grade level: Preschool, Elementary, Middle, and High School.

Beginning this Friday, the nominated students will be entered into a raffle. Each classroom can watch, as the winners will be announced virtually. The winners will have a Student of the Week sign posted on their classroom door and their names will be displayed at our main entrances. The students will also receive a certificate to take home.

I am looking forward to our first drawing. This is a wonderful way to reinforce the positive supports and culture that is needed for all students to achieve social, emotional and academic success!

Congratulations to the PBIS Team!

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