Happy World Teacher’s Day!

Join with me as we celebrate World Teacher’s Day!

At the Elizabeth Lee Black School, Barber National Institute, we regard all of our school staff as teachers. Whether they are a special education teacher, therapist, para educator, caseworker, or behavior specialist, their role is providing a highly specialized learning experience for our students.

We recently celebrated Employee Recognition Day, in which we honor our staff who have been with us five years and up. Today, I would like to share the thoughts of some of these staff with you when I asked the question, “Why have you remained a committed staff at the Elizabeth Lee Black School?”

Anne DeLuca, Special Education Teacher, 40 Years

“Because of the People:

The children and the families that I have gotten to know, work with and learn from inspire me every day.

The Staff. They are the most knowledgeable, creative, resourceful, fun and funny people you could find anywhere. And we’re all working together on the same goal. You certainly can’t beat that.

Because of the “Heart.”

As long as I have worked here (and it’s been a long time) there hasn’t been one day, no matter how discouraging, difficult or frustrating , that I haven’t had something in that day, that made me smile and laugh; and that’s why I always want to come back tomorrow.”

Cindy Priester, Education Program Coordinator and Occupational Therapist, 30 Years

“I started as an Occupational Therapist (OT) in the school program, adding on both Girard and Corry satellite programs, infant toddler,  family preschool groups in the blue house, OT consult to group homes, orthopedic clinic and amazing projects like kayaking, adapted biking and mini Beast. Before heading back to the school program. I traveled to Florida to present at an international conference on kayaking and we won the Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association state award for adaptations for our kayak camp.

I have many memories of great staff, students and families but to watch a student come onto the stage to get their diploma is still the most wonderful time.”

Ann Ellison, Behavior Supports Coordinator, 25 Years

“I wanted to share my thoughts about what has kept me at BNI for so long. I started here right out of college and it was supposed to be a temporary job – but I loved it – the people we help, the staff and the mission. I worked a few other places after I got my graduate degree but BNI eventually drew me back. I think it was the connection with the people we serve and the staff that brought me back. The teamwork here is amazing. It’s a privilege to be part of team in which everyone works together with passion and creativity to help our students grow into their best selves. There is a sense of possibility and hope that fills this place. Every day I am reminded that love matters, growth happens quietly in tiny steps and we are all stronger and more fragile than we realize. I can honestly say I have received much more than I have given. Thanks for the opportunity!”

Julie Moore, Special Education Teacher, 15 Years

“When I began teaching at BNI I couldn’t help but fall in love with my special needs students. I enjoy the challenge of constantly creating ways to teach each one according to the way they learn and thrive. The school environment and community is just like a second family to me. There is such a high regard for the students and their well-being. I believe in that mission and I am proud to be a part of it. “

Amy Moczulski, Speech Pathologist, 10 Years

“When I think about the many reasons why I love working at the Elizabeth Lee Black School, the number one thing that keeps me motivated and brings me joy at work is the amazing students that I work with each day. I love our diverse group of learners, and I am continually challenged to find ways to meet their complex communication needs. I am so fortunate to work in a setting where I continue to learn and grow professionally from my colleagues but also from the students.”

Randy Schlegel, Behavior Specialist, 10 Years

“I have remained a committed staff member because of the genuine care that everyone has for the people we serve. Everyone truly wants the best for our students and will go out of their way to assist and support them. Working with such dedicated people and watching our students learn and grow is truly a blessing.”

I, too, am truly honored to be part of the Barber National Institute Team! Dr. Barber would be so proud of their many accomplishments!

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