Keeping a Gratitude Journal: An Update

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about how the practice of gratitude results in significantly higher levels of happiness and psychological wellbeing than those who do not practice.

Consequentially, Ryan and I decided to start a gratitude journal. Throughout the day, we say, “Think Positively,” but I wondered if there would simply be another way to focus on the positive. What are truly the great things that are going on in our lives?????

So, if I can update you…

Adrian Pinto's Wedding Aug 2019

At Adrian Pinto’s wedding, August 2019

Every morning, Ryan and I review his handwritten notes of what he is counting on. These are anything, ranging from going kayaking when it becomes Phase Green, to he and I dying together when he is 90 and I am 110. Yes, in his desire to overcome his anxieties and plan everything out, he too has this planned!

He has been writing these notes for about nine months. They don’t change, but every so often he adds a new one. When I was recuperating at St. Mary’s from my fall, I would call every morning and he would read his lists to me.

I really wondered what he would come up with for his gratitude list and I was surprised by some of the items.

I am writing them in the order he dictates daily:

  • Job
  • House
  • Gifts at Christmas time
  • Going to Church
  • Kahkwa
  • Going back to normal in June
  • Kayaking with Brian J., Boating with Brad and Charlie on Monday after work, Uncle Joe’s hot tub
  • Getting a new bed. His is broken and we have been waiting a few weeks for the new bed to come in and he has been sleeping on the mattress on the floor.
  • Waldameer and Waterworld. Ryan has a season pass and probably goes five times a week for a half hour visit. He loves the Wave Pool!
  • Slushies, snow cones, freezer pops and popsicles

I am not sure what the next two weeks will bring, but I will keep you in the loop!

Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy our beautiful weather, but wear your mask and keep six feet between you and everyone else. Let’s move into the Green!

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