ELBS Continuity of Education Plan

Governor Wolf closed all PA schools for the 2019-20 school year. So, are you wondering what is happening for the students of the Elizabeth Lee Black School?

I wanted to provide you a very brief overview of what we are doing.

Every school district and Approved Private School were asked to develop a Continuity of

 Education Plan. There were two basic options, planned instruction via online learning or enrichment. Based upon our students’ needs, we determined enrichment is the most appropriate direction.

The goal of our plan is to support our students in maintaining and developing skills while they are away from traditional school environment.

Our Plan follows the mission of the Barber National Institute of “Making dreams come true.”

We are providing parents with weekly educational activities and therapies along with

ongoing contact with our faculty. Packets are being mailed to families who prefer not to access the materials electronically.

As we serve a very diverse group of learners, all of our programs are individualized and designed based on each students’ strengths and needs. We are consulting with parents to determine the most appropriate ways to meet their child’s learning needs during this period of closure. No two programs may look alike.

The Plan in its entirety can be found at https://www.barberinstitute.org/uploads/Covid19%20Updates/ELBS%20Continuity%20of%20Education%20Plan.pdf

Do you have some questions about the plan? Please give me a call.

During these challenging days, we remain committed to our children and families to provide them with the education and support that they need. We miss our students and families.

Stay safe and healthy!


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