Tips for Parents Part 2

A parent commented that they enjoyed reading my last blog regarding activities during these challenging times, but wished there were more for adults. I agreed and have given more thought to her suggestion.

Our adults are now experiencing:

  • Sudden change in routines and activity
  • Experiencing heightened anxiety and worry
  • Fear of the unknown

What can we do?

How-to-build-a-daily-routineEstablish a new routine and schedule. Your son or daughter may not be going to work, to the gym or visiting his/her friends. So what does he/she do now?

Let your son or daughter create the schedule with your support and guidance as necessary. This should include some of his/her preferred activities, physical exercise, leisure skills, chores around the house and activities of daily living. Perhaps there are skills that you would like your child to learn?

For Ryan and me, it is cooking. Typically, we are rushing at breakfast; he goes out to lunch after his job and then usually gets home from the gym right before dinner. So now we are building in time for “chefing.” Also, as April is here, we can consider outdoor spring cleanup as both a physical activity and an outdoor chore that may use pent up energy.

To help deal with anxiety, work opportunities into the day to practice coping techniques. This may be deep breathing, mindfulness activities, or simply how your child best relaxes. Practice, practice, practice throughout the day!


Another consideration is that part of his/her anxiety may be fear of the virus. Approach this openly and provide answers on the level your child understands. But, if he/she chooses not to discuss the topic, don’t force him/her.

Don’t forget the internet – there are many virtual tours and live camera feeds of museums, zoos and famous landmarks around the world.  Ryan and I visited some together this weekend. The activities on the Barber webpage are also updated weekly. You can find them at under COVID-19, Online Learning Activities.

I hope that these thoughts provide you with some ideas during these very long days.

Stay safe and healthy!

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1 Response to Tips for Parents Part 2

  1. Sallie Newsham says:

    You always have so many ideas! Hope you are well. Tell Ryan I said hello!

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