Digital Learning Day!


I find it difficult to keep up with the latest advancements in educational technology when so many digital devices, educational software and mobile apps are in constant development. In 2012, Digital Learning Day began as a way to actively spread innovative technology throughout the nation and ensure that all youth have access to digital learning opportunities.

When we first began participating in Digital Learning Day in 2014, it was an “in-house” event with school staff and students showcasing the technology they used in their classrooms. Since then, the presenters have expanded to include other programs within the Barber National Institute, outside agencies such as Tobii Dynavox, and local high schools and universities. Eventually, the event became too large for the Barber Center’s North Lobby, so we relocated to our gymnasium!

Thursday will be the Barber National Institute’s 6th consecutive year celebrating Digital Learning Day. We are open from 11am-1pm and we encourage the public to come and see what’s offered! There are numerous prizes and giveaways, as well. If you aren’t able to attend, you can watch us stream live on Facebook.

A special thanks to Nina Wolfarth, B.S., Early Care Coordinator, and Zachary Bair, B.S., Technology Coordinator, for cochairing our event.

For more information about Digital Learning Day, visit,

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