Back to School

I thought that I would share with you today the letter I sent home with our students the first day of school.
It summarizes many of my thoughts as I contemplate the new school year.

As I think about our first day of school, I look back to 1952 when Dr. Barber and her volunteers first opened their classroom for children with disabilities. Since then, generations of children have gone from counting blocks to employment in a diversity of fields. A lot has changed in those 68 years, but what has remained constant is our dedication to children and families.

We are educators, therapists, caregivers who are committed to instilling in our students a love of learning. This is our mission. For the last 68 years and for the next 68 years. Thank you for allowing us to be your child’s teacher.

I’m looking forward to an outstanding school year!

I know that it will be an outstanding year for our students, families and staff.
My best!


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