What’s New This Year? Part 1

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year! It is hard to believe we are approaching 2019, yet before we know it the leaves will drop and a new season will be upon us. At the start of each school year, I enjoy sharing with our board of directors the changes we’ve seen in the past year, from statistics of our staff and student populations to the new or improved components of our programming. Hearing how much our board enjoys learning of this, I thought perhaps my readers would find it equally as interesting!Happy-New-School-Year

As of this year, we currently serve 24 school districts in the region – the largest number we have seen to-date. Our most recent addition was Valley Grove from Franklin, PA. It is always extraordinary to me to consider how far some of our students travel to be able to receive the educational services at the Barber National Institute. It is also a great reminder to be grateful for what resources we have so easily accessible.

By far one of the most interesting statistics I’ve reviewed over the years is the change in our student population by disability. stud pop_001As current conventional research would indicate, the most prominent change we have seen is the rise in students with an autism diagnosis. The age range of our students also continues to expand; we have a much larger population of middle and secondary students compared to a decade ago. We also currently have 17 early intervention students; 17 inclusive preschoolers; 33 specialized preschoolers; and 18 Happy Hearts students.

Tune in next week when I share some of the exciting developments we’re introducing into our programs this Fall!

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