Looking to the Future

This past Monday, the sun was shining on our students who graduated from the Elizabeth Lee Black School. Some of these children, such as Eric, I have known since they began as infants in our Early Intervention program. Others came to us by elementary or middle school. I feel that I have had the opportunity to watch these children blossom into the individuals they are today.

Our graduation event is always a special night. Whether our students are entering Kindergarten or they are beginning a new phase in our Adult Services division, I enjoy looking back and reflecting upon each journey he or she has gone through. Children who did not talk when they started with us are now having conversations; children who did not walk are now running across the playground. Their confidence and self-esteem has blossomed over the years through the unwavering support of staff and new friends made along the way.

Barber National Institute deeply believes that we have a responsibility to each of our students to provide them and their families with every opportunity to grow and develop to their fullest potential. That is what I saw as I watched these children – individuals whose “dreams have come true.”

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