Why I Celebrated All of the Women at BNI on Sunday

Yesterday, we celebrated Mother’s Day. Traditionally, we spend this day celebrating our mom, but I believe that it’s a day we can celebrate all of the women in our lives. Whether she is an aunt or a sister, a friend or a coworker, many women can influence and enrich our lives as mothering figures.

In particular, I think of all of the women at the Barber National Institute, who spend their days caring for our students as if they were their own children. Whether or not these ladies have chosen to have children of their own does not lessen the positive and lasting impact they have had upon their students’ lives.


I do not believe there is a single definition of success or happiness for any individual. Not all women want careers, just as not all women want to have children. And some women want both! I would never advocate that each of us should strive for the same goal – we each need to chart our own unique course to find which pursuits fit our values and our dreams.

So take a minute to call, text, email, or take a walk with the fabulous women in your life to tell them how amazing they are and thank them for being part of your life. I know I will be!

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