As we anticipate World Kindness Day on Monday, November 13th, I began thinking…

kind2Initiated in 1997, this is a day set aside to focus on extending kindly acts towards others, without the expectation of anything in return. While it would be nice to say that every day should be World Kindness Day, the reality is that sometimes work, current events, and other personal challenges can get the best of us. Not to mention that as soon as we open the newspaper or turn on the television, we are confronted with everything from violence in the world to political debates that sometimes focus on the negative. We could certainly use an entire day dedicated to kindness!

Kindness Day isn’t only about volunteering in the community – it can also about the little gestures, expressions, and even thoughts of kindness, too.

Whether it is buying a coffee for a stranger in line or letting go of resentment, the mental and physical benefits of kindness, including healthier hearts, better aging, and improved relationships, should make us want to smile more and frown less. Not to mention, kindness is contagious!

Focusing on and noticing the good qualities in the world around us gives our moods a boost all by itself. And studies show that compliments amplify positivity; they not only deliver positive effects to others, but those effects bounce back on the person giving the compliment.kind

Since Ryan was a young child, I have tried to instill in him the importance of compliments and being kind to others. Sometimes, he goes overboard and will repeatedly thank you for helping him or doing something for him, but all in all I would rather he say it too many times than not enough.

I love hearing his compliment to me: “You’re the best mom ever!” Nothing brightens my day more!

If you are looking for some creative ways to be kind out in the community, Pinterest has a number of “Kindness Challenge” calendars that provide a wealth of ideas. Feel free to share any of your ideas or ways you plan to acknowledge World Kindness Day below!

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