Why I Walk

This Saturday, I’ll be walking in my 16th annual walk for Autism. When I started, Ryan was in first grade. He received a diagnosis of autism when he was 18 months old. When I heard about the first walk, I knew that Ryan and I would definitely be there. I wanted to walk:

  • In encouragement of Erie’s children and families impacted by autism
  • In appreciation for the outstanding services available for children with autism
  • To expand awareness of autism
  • To let parents who just received an autism diagnosis know they are not alone
  • In thanks for the overwhelming support I have received from my friends and family
  • To help boost autism research
  • To express my gratitude to the many individuals who have helped Ryan
Scanned Ryan Pictures (4)

Ryan at one of his earliest walks

Amazingly, after 16 years, on Saturday I will be walking for these same reasons. However, I do have some new additions:

  • In honor of the thousands of adults with autism graduating from school and entering the world of work
  • To enlighten employers of our community on how employees with autism can become wonderful assets to their companies
  • To reacquaint myself with children and families who once attended our school and have now moved on to exciting new educational opportunities but are always a part of the Barber National Institute family

This day, along with dozens of others across the country, is a strong statement to the world of the compassion, conviction, and commitment of individuals from many walks of life to autism.


Walk-Logo-2017-300x240To register for the 16th annual Autism Society of NWPA’s Walk, visit:


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