Digital Learning Day!

Today is the 6th annual Digital Learning Day! This day is a nationwide celebration that encourages the use of technological devices to improve children’s learning experience in schools. The goal is that all students will have access to high-quality digital learning opportunities, regardless of where they reside.

dld-8Started in 2012, Digital Learning Day has provided a great opportunity for schools to showcase their innovative technology programs and share all of the creative ways they use technology in the classroom. More than just a chance to celebrate technology, it’s a chance to celebrate learning.dld-5

At ELBS, we celebrating with a technology showcase. Last year, we hosted our first “technology showcase” for digital learning day, inviting all classrooms, all BNI staff, and the public to visit the school and explore the ways our school utilizes technology in our various departments. It was such a success that we decided to host a technology showcase once again!dld-10

This year we expanded our number of stations to seven, to include an Aurasma app demonstration, a yoga class, our many assistive tech devices in the speech department, camera club, the TapIt Interactive Computer and more! In addition, students from Penn State Behrend will be demonstrating a new ebook project.

To take a look at the Digital Learning Day’s interactive map of activities, including our very own, visit:


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